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My name is Zachary Hill

Zachary is a full-time English teacher at St. Anne's School in Porterville, California. In college, he worked as a private tutor for 3 years in Fresno, California, specializing in elementary reading and math. From there, he worked as an instructional aide for a Kindergarten class at Lombardi Elementary for 2 years, specializing in reading. Zach is well-versed in the simplification of foundational skills that help students grow in their academics.

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Zachary is available to tutor English and Math to Kindergarten-6th grade students. 

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Linked with our Content Creators

Zachary collaborates closely with our regional content creators, using diagnostic information to create tailored learning materials that meet your child's specific needs. Every week, Zachary reevaluates his students and shares updates with our content creators to keep the material current and pertinent.


Graduate of our Training Program

Zachary has successfully completed our 5-step foundational plans in Math and our fluency and comprehension plan for English. With this expertise, he is fully equipped to simplify the learning process for your child.


Qualified "C.H.O." Mentor

Zachary is trained to look out for ways to improve your child's "C.H.O." (confidence, habits, and organization). If your child is struggling in any of these areas, let him know!

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