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Meet Our Tutors

Who We Are


Zachary Hill


Zachary is a full-time English teacher at St. Anne's School in Porterville, California. In college, he worked as a private tutor for 3 years in Fresno, California, specializing in elementary reading and math. From there, he worked as an instructional aide for a Kindergarten class at Lombardi Elementary for 2 years, specializing in reading. Zach is well-versed in the simplification of foundational skills that help students grow in their academics.

(559) 657-6178

Allison Hill


Allison is a full-time 3rd Grade teacher at St. Anne's School in Porterville, California. She graduated from Fresno State with a degree in Kinesiology, Physical Education and has her single-subject teaching credential. She specializes in reading and writing techniques and math strategies for younger students.

(559) 657-6178


Isabel Aguilar


Isabel is a full-time high school student at Harmony Magnet Academy in Strathmore, CA.

(559) 657-6178

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